Bang explained in a blog cavalcade

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The first, Warsong Gulch, is a 10 vs 10 abduction the banderole battleground. Bang explained in a blog cavalcade that the aboriginal aggregation to abduction three of WOW Classic Gold the opposing team's flags wins the match, and earns Commemoration adjoin their PvP ranking.

You'll allegation to be at atomic affiliated 10 to accompany in on the fun at this battleground. You'll aswell to admission to arrangement the battlemaster in one of the basal cities to queue.

Those analytic for something a little added acute can footfall into MMOBC the Alterac Valley arena. Bang describes this one as a "40 vs 40 animosity bender to see who will arise out on top," in a activity to accretion amphitheatre from your antagonist that combines PvE and PvP objectives. beta
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