Be the Change You Want to See

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A day of learning English words and raising consciousness about the problems of the current lake pollution and how each person can help is part of a current vacation program conducCohasset 354ted by a locally-run project, Taa´ Pi´t Kortees.  This is an organization which has been hanging by a shoestring for many years, but has brought computer use, English lessons, and classes in Tz´tuijil culture and history to hundreds of children in the pueblo of San Pedro la Laguna.

During the current series of morning classes, which involve 17 children aged 5-13,  it has been delightful to see how quickly the children have absorbed and contributed to the idea that the “lago is their life.” And that change begins with each of us.

Today there will be a march of children and youth throughout the streets of San Pedro, announcing and dramatizing to the parents the need to save the lake for their future. While many people are talking about picking up trash in the streets and along the lake, and others are advocating reuse of plastic bottles and bags, the author of this march is suggesting a return to patterns of the recent past. This means creating natural soaps as well as using leaves that usually wrap tamales when purchasing meat in the market and covering vegetables, bread, and other purchases with a woven cloth. This last practice takes it’s cue from the women who wrap their purchases in their long embroidered aprons as they walk home. beta
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