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Everything that you need to know about Copa Airlines refund policy
Copa Airlines is a very popular flag carrier airline of Panama which has its main hub at Tocumen International Airport. Further, the airline also operates scheduled flights to various destinations. Moreover, the airline is also famous for providing its customers with various services and offers that have made the travel of the passengers affordable and comfortable.

And in case, if you have made Copa Reservations and wish to cancel your bookings. Then, don’t worry as you can easily manage your reservations and get a refund for the same accordingly. And in order to help you out here in this article, you will be provided with the complete details on the refund policy of Copa Airlines.
Refund policy of Copa Airlines.

1. As per the refund policy of the airline, all passengers are not entitled to get a refund as it depends on the fare type of the reservation.
2. Further, as per the fare rules, it is decided whether the reservations are completely refundable or not.
3. And if your ticket is not completely used, then you are entitled to a complete refund after deducting the taxes and penalty fees.
4. You can request for a refund by contacting the reservation center if purchased online.
5. Besides, the refund will be provided with the passengers who have paid for the tickets and have provided the required proof.
6. Moreover, in the case of the deceased passenger, the refund amount will be provided to the immediate family member.
7. The passenger can request for a refund for only those reservations which are unexpired. Still, if you have any queries you can reach out to the airline helpline.
8. If the passenger has purchased reservation using a credit card then, the refund will be reflected in their account depending on the company’s billing cycle.
9. Further, if the reservation was purchased through check or cash then, the refund will be provided to the passenger within 20 business days after filing the refund request.

And in case, if the refund is providing after deducting double charges, then passenger can provide the proof of payment.
Note: The refund will be provided to the passengers in the mode of payment through which they purchased the ticket.
Besides this, if you still have queries or need any kind of information you can reach out to the helpline to get the desired assistance.

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