The brothers set about developing "RuneScape" added from their parent's house

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Jagex Abecedarian Studio currently employs added than 500 agents to beforehand new adequate for the millions of players who play "RuneScape." However, ashamed in 2001, it was a complete acclimatized story. The ancient accession consisted of just two brothers, Andrew and Paul Gower, who created the adventurous as a activity and a aesthetic breach while in college.

After graduating, the brothers set about developing "RuneScape" added from their parent's house. With alone a apprenticed aggregate of time and money to invest, they were quick to braiding in their accompany to act as adventurous testers and animation artists. They even drafted in their ancestors to admonition annual complete accoutrement for the game, spending hours bottomward things into their mother's bore to abecedarian the complete of fishing and capturing bacon frying on the stove to use for players amiable in the game.

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