Brown and I are good brothers who care about each other

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In today's game, the Timberwolves lost to NBA MT Coins the Celtics 109-117. In this game, the Celtics player Jaylen Brown lost focus during a dunk and fell to the ground, then withdrew from the game. After the game, Timberwolves center Carl Anthony Downs expressed his support for Brown in an interview.

"It's terrible," Downs said. "No one wants to see him fall like this, no matter who he is, a starting player or a player on the bench. It's a kind of brotherhood. We take care of each other. I'm for him." I feel sympathetic. I want to wish him a speedy recovery and return to basketball as soon as possible. We are brothers who care about each other and hope that he will recover soon."

In this game, Brown played 28 minutes, 14 points and 5 rebounds in 4 shots; Downs played 38 minutes, 5 of 12 shots to get 15 points and 11 rebounds and 3 assists. beta
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