De Shuai opponents do not let Harden ball

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Rockets today to 110-99 victory over the Bucks, got 17 straight, rocket coach Mike - Antonio Antoni after the media interview.

"The most prominent is that every night NBA MT Coins there are other people stand up, many of the winning streak is the lack of some opponents players, and winning streak of a very healthy, met a relaxed schedule, but we are now experiencing the hardest schedule, many people Absent, like Joe Johnson and Ryan Anderson tonight, yes we can still win because of the depth of our lineup and players," said D'Antoni.

"Eric Gordon hit some key shots. Barotte and PJ hit three points. Trevor didn't hit a three point tonight, so we're looking for someone to hit a three-pointer. The obvious point is that We played a small squad that made PJ play a center, which was great, so we had more energy on the floor and it was great, "D'Antoni said.

Then the reporter asked when the opponent like the Bucks to reduce Harden holding the ball, what should the Rockets do? D'Antoni said: "We have another Hall of Fame player on the court (Paul), and there is a player who is probably an All-Star, that is Eric, we will get an empty phone conference."

Speaking of the first seven mistakes, D'Antoni said: "We talked and played too carelessly. Both of our recent teams are very good at making mistakes, so we have reasons and reasons for them." beta
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