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Lewis Morely was born in 1925 in Hong Kong. His father was of English descent and his mother Chinese. Between 1941 and 1945, Morely was interned at a Japanese prisoner of war camp after the occupation. After the war, Morely and his family moved to the United Kingdom and Morely studied at Twickenham Art School followed by a stint in Paris in the early 1950s as a painter. Morely's first images were Golden Goose published in 1957 and by 1961, Morely's photography studio had been established at Peter Cook's London Club. Morely shot images for "Private Eye," "Go" and "Tattler" and began establishing his reputation. Peter Cook's club attracted the famous and rich and therefore was a perfect setting for Morely who could photograph famous faces that wanted to be seen. Morely photographed models, actors and stars such as Michael Caine, Charlotte Rampling, Twiggy and in 1967 took his most memorable image of Christine Keeler naked on a chair.

Anna Faris first garnered attention in "Scary Movie", and back then she had a very different look; over the years, she's gone bombshellblonde, but her sense of humor hasn't changed a bit. The funnygirl recently spoke about her latest starring role and about getting in shape after giving birth, and says that lifting her heavy baby boy has definitely helped her tone up.

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