Harkles My teammates found me

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The Trail Blazers beat the Clippers 122-109 today. The Portland Trail Blazers' Maurice Harkley was interviewed on the sidelines after the game.

"We continue to fight. We know they will catch up NBA Live Coins with the score. We know that the opponent will not give up, so we are constantly advancing and fighting. In the end, this is rewarded. We can win," Harkleis said.

In today’s game, Harkley played for 28 minutes and scored 21 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals. Talking about his offensive performance, Harklis said: “My teammates are finding me when I have When I got an opportunity, I played offensively and my teammates found me. I was shooting.”

Speaking of his three three-pointers, Harklis said: "I feel like I have been in the rhythm for some time. Just like you said, you are continuing to be aggressive. When you have the opportunity, you will finish."

What is the key to entering the rhythm? Harklis said: "Keep your focus and be prepared to play every night."

Speaking of Shabaz-Napier's passing pass and assisting him in the bottom three corners, Harklis said: "I didn't think there would be a pass. Once the ball came over, I knew I was going to shoot and make him look good. Hahaha."

Speaking of 13 consecutive victories, Harklis said: "This is the first time I have experienced such a thing. I feel good. I will continue to move forward, stay focused, and continue the winning streak."

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