How to change american airlines flight

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merican Airlines being one of the major airlines of United States is one of the popular airlines .The airlines operates international and domestic services to its passengers.

With a fleet size of 951, American Airlines offers one of the best services to its passengers. The airlines serves to 350 destinations spread all over the world. American Airlines operates from its main headquarters situated at CentrePort, Fort Worth, Texas in United States.

Lucid steps to know how can the passengers change flight with American Airlines:

The passengers travelling with American Airlines may follow the steps listed below in order to know how to change American Airlines flight for travelling to distant destinations.

For flights leaving on the same day:

The passengers may dial the American Airlines Phone Number for making changes.

The scheduled departure of the flight must be within one to 12 hours of the time that the passengers have called.

The passengers may enter the details of the new flight.

Thereafter the, the passenger needs to follow the on-screen instructions in order to change to a different flight if one is available by paying an online change fee.

The passenger may apply for a new boarding pass.

For flights leaving at anytime:

The passengers may follow the steps listed below for American Airlines Manage Booking of the flight tickets for changing the flight ticket.

The passenger needs to click on the "My Reservations" tab on the American Airlines homepage.

Then the passenger needs to login in to account credentials
The passenger needs to click on the "Change Flights" button.

Thereafter the traveller needs to search for the new flight when prompted and thus select the details of the new flight.

Finally the passenger needs to click and select the "Continue” option.

At last, the passenger needs to confirm changes, and make the online submission of the fees which includes the difference in between the fare of the different flights.

Lastly, the passenger needs to print the new boarding pass.

After making the American Airlines reservations of the flight tickets, the passengers may change the flight tickets by following the steps listed above.

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