How to recover a deleted Gmail account?

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We often hear people forgetting passwords of their Google or Gmail accounts and faced problem to recover it. But there are even people who get worried to recover their deleted Gmail account. People already having account on Gmail usually delete it when they don’t need. But sometimes they realize that they need their Gmail account for different purposes, and then they put in efforts to recover it. If you also have any deleted account and now finding ways to recover it, then follow below methods to How to recover Deleted Gmail account after 30 days.

Steps to recover deleted Gmail account

1.If you want to recover your Deleted Gmail account, make sure that it was deleted recently in a month or so because Google cannot recover Deleted Gmail account years ago.

2.To recover deleted account, visit the official website of Google

3.Before proceeding further, Google will ask you few security questions for security purpose

4.If you succeed, you can easily recover the password

5.But if you fail, you can follow steps to recover lost account

6.Similarly once you have successfully logged in, change your old password by entering a new one

7.Re-enter the password and now you can log in your Gmail, Play store, Google maps using the same password.

8.If you deleted an account of a child then you won’t be able to recover it

And that’s all for the guidelines of recovering a deleted Google account. Moving on, while setting password make sure you create a strong one that can protect your account. To set a strong password, refer to below points.

Steps to set a strong password for a Google account

1.To set a strong password, never include your date of birth or phone number

2.While setting a password, make sure to include both digits and characters

3.Also keep changing passwords from time to time for security purposes

And that’s all for recovering a recently deleted account before thirty days or less. For more information, contact customer care. beta
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