I think the team has problems in many aspects

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In a regular season that ended today, the Grizzlies lost to NBA MT Coins
the Bucks 103-121 at home. In this game, the Grizzlies player Mark Gasol played in 31 minutes and scored 17 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists. After the match, Gasol was interviewed in the locker room.

"The opponent's shooting performance is better than ours, and they create better shots than we do. We have done a good job of defending in the penalty zone tonight, at least better than the outside defense. We are against Ignace Adetokounmpo. The defense is doing well," Gasol said.

"I think at the start of the game, we have good execution, defensive and offensive, but I do not know why, we will suddenly crash in the game. I think the team has problems in many aspects, we need to work hard to solve these problems "Gasol continued.

After the game ended, the Grizzlies made 18 wins and 49 losses, ranking 15th in the West.

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