Meng Qi Dzeko contributed a lot to the team

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In an interview, Roman director Monch said that the team never thought of selling Dzeko.

Dzeko has been associated with the transfer to FIFA Coins Chelsea in the winter, but in the end the striker stayed in Rome. In an interview, Roman director Monch said: "Chelsea did provide us with a quotation, but what Rome did was listen to this quotation and conduct research and evaluation on it. We also considered the player's ideas, and this quotation is also It didn't satisfy us."

"For us, Dzeko is a very important player. In the past he made a great contribution to the team. It is still the case."

"As I said, the Serie A's director must listen to other team's quotes and evaluate them, and then we will choose to accept or reject them. Under the circumstances at that time, neither of our parties could be satisfied." beta
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