The Pokemon mega game is not just for young players

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The Pokemon mega game is not just for young players. Some locations have become hubs of best Pokemon game activity. New York’s Central Park, for instance, has been bustling not just with the usual crowds of sightseers but with players checking their phones for nearby Pokemon.
But that's not all. Z-Moves can be used by all and any of your Pokemon friends.

The game has been flooding the news and neighbourhoods but for many it seems as silly as it is impenetrable. Pokemon Mega devotee Clem Bastow breaks it down

Pokemon Mega instantfuns

“We always try to create new, interesting parts of the game," says Atsushi Nagashima, Director of Pokemon Online Game. "However at the same time we have to test out all these new features to keep it accessible fpr new players. As a result we have a dedicated team of testers trying out new features and making balancing tweaks. When creating a new feature like Mega Evolutions, we plan almost a year ahead of time, and we’re always considering what effect a new feature like this has on the game.”
But even Hanke couldn’t have predicted the success of Pokemon Mega. Data from the analytics firm SimilarWeb suggests that 3% of all Americans opened the H5 game Pokemon Mega last Friday, just slightly below the 3.5% who opened Twitter, and the game has already been installed on more American Android phones than the dating app Tinder.
Instantfuns shared new details on Pokemon Mega this morning, revealing a Mega-Evolved Metagross, cosplay outfits for Pikachu in Pokemon-Amie, new characters in the Hoenn region, and more details on Mega Diancie.
“You know what the mobile gaming experience is like in a phone today, and we’ve all seen the videos from Magic Leap, at the far end of the spectrum, where we put on these magic glasses and our world is transformed. But the path between here and there, I think, is a really interesting one.”
People tend to think of Pokemon as being just for kids, but as I have mentioned in a previous article about Pokemon websites, I respectfully disagree. I started playing Pokemon when the first handheld games came out for the original Instantfuns. I remember it being one of the very first video games that I sunk hundreds of hours into, and I remember loving every second of it.

These fanatics speak in a special language, undertake hours of devotional activity, and together experience moments of great joy and great sorrow.

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