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A Joyful First Graduation!

Blog: Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
Our first graduation!  What better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Adopt-a-Village? Only the country’s violent October tropical storms threatened the schedule.  Three days before the ceremony, president Alvaro Colom issued a plea for people not to travel the flooded highways—many of them destroyed by landslides, and mountainsides still collapsing with the...

Corruption in Guatemala

Blog: Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
Hello everyone, I am reprinting an article by Michael Deibert of the Guardian newspaper in England. He is a visiting fellow at the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies and the author of Notes from the Struggle for Haiti. I could not have written on this topic better–so I’ll let you read what he has to say. Frances Guatemala’s lonely battle...

When Your Own Hypocrisy Becomes Too Much

From: bridgeterin | La Vida Idealist
For the past eight weeks I've been seeing a 33 year old, Italian, Guatemalan, farmer cheese ("How does one farm cheese?" ASKs always my overprotective, Wisconsin-based father). While my usual type is the tight-pants-wearing, Arrested Development-watching, Scrabble kind of a kid, I Decided to make a sacrifice for the sake of, well I suppose, due to...

Florida High School Students Volunteer to Combat Chronic Child Malnutrition

Blog: Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
.wp-caption { float:left; margin-right:10px; } .clr { clear:both; } The Venice, Florida, Interact Club, a group of 40 high school students, is working with Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala by supporting a scholarship for an indigenous student at our Mayan Center for Education and Development. The club’s goal is two-fold—alleviate hunger by supporting a scholarship in...

Addressing Chronic Malnutrition in Guatemala

Blog: Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
Looking at GHI's progress in Guatemala, Which Has the Highest rate of fourth chronic malnutrition. The Global Post Lomi Kriel June 28, 2011 15:06 GUATEMALA CITY - As The Most populous metropolis in Central America, Guatemala City is fused With The frantic, desperate energy to eke out It Takes a living in the capital of one of the World's Most Unequal...

Guatemala: Between A Rock and A Hard Place

Blog: Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
Kevin Casas-Zamora, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Latin America Initiative The Brookings Institution September 16, 2011 — Elections were held in Guatemala on September 11. As has become customary since the country’s return to democratic rule in 1986, no candidate was close to reaching 50% of the vote to win outright. A second round run-off will now take place on...

Combating Hunger in Guatemala

Blog: Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
Pedro of Santa Elena Dominga happily Holds her basket of vegetable seedlings, ready to plant in her garden bed Prepared. She is one of 15 mothers Who is Participating in the Adopt-a-Village bio-intensive garden project in her community. Cesar Garcia, agronomist and specialist in bio-intensive agriculture, Spent the day Completing the second level of training with...

Easter Dinner for Orphans?

Blog: Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
The sole support of these fatherless children is their widowed mother. She has no schooling, speaks no Spanish, and the little work she can find is picking coffee during the harvest season. Harvesting is done now and there is no work for another five months. We ask you to consider sending a small donation to help us purchase food for Easter for this family and...

Train a Student, Transform a Village

Blog: Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
Two extraordinary events occur when you give an Adopt-a-Village scholarship.  First, you change the course of one child’s life.  And then, you change the course of a community. Our Mayan Center for Training and Education benefits worthy and impoverished students to improve their lives.  Additionally, through students’ community service, it benefits entire villages. ...

Wild Tomato Makes a Comeback

Blog: Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
Would you believe these are cherry tomatoes! Not JUST cherry tomatoes, but a little-known tomato indigenous to a far northwestern rainforest region in Guatemala. The plant, along with its bright sanguine tint and subtle sweet flavor flourished for centuries with the aid of the Maya’s master agricultural skills. But in recent decades, the robust miniature has taken...

Guatemala: Transport Fuels or Food?

Blog: Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
original post: By W.T. Whitney Jr. Some 3,000 Mayan peasants had lived and farmed in the Polochic Valley for thirty years when 1000 soldiers and police arrived on March 15 to evict them from their small land holdings. The action, backed by the current center-left government, left one farmer...

Peace Corps Aid for Guatemala Cut

Blog: Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
Guatemala is one of 20 priority countries that the American government plans to help cut poverty and overwhelmingly high chronic child malnutrition rates.  On the other hand, the Peace Corps announced last week that it has canceled plans to send a contingency of new volunteers to Guatemala next month.  What a loss!  Peace Corps hands-on technical training helps rural... beta
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