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A toothbrush has been released that only takes ten seconds to clean your teeth

That's sexy wife lingerie an extra few minutes in bed.

What womens lingerie stores does the expiry date on your contraceptive pill actually mean?

Are you in terrible danger if you take your microgynon after the expiry date?

Man slams bosses for telling him to take off his makeup at work

'You can't tone down a masterpiece.'

Cards Against Humanity has brought out a 'for her' pack to protest the pink tax

It's the same as the regular Cards Against Humanity pack, except it's pink and it costs $5 more.

Your bad night's sleep could be an evolutionary survival tool

Blame evolution.

Vaping 101: The best beginner vape kits to get you started with vaping

For those who don't want to get bogged down in adjustable airflow and wattage.

1.5 million Brits admit to watching porn on their work devices

And men are twice as likely to do so than women (obviously).

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Puppy drags his new blanket outside so that a homeless dog could sleep on it

Wait a minute, does cycling make your vulva bigger?

61-year-old man has turned his back garden into the most amazing hidden rainforest

McDonald's is testing out fries covered in cheese and bacon

Boss responds perfectly to employee taking a 'mental health day off'

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