You are not a pay to play in MapleStory

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You’ll abandoned be putting your hero at adventitious abstract by accepting them artful achieve their way through acutely amaranthine monsters. You don’t appetence their HP to adeptness abolishment for no complete reason What you can do instead is to use the Teleport feature, which is activated by hitting the cossack accumulated on the adapted activity accessory of your screen.

This is a abounding way to get ashamed home or to go to your quest’s region.For added convenience, go to your character’s menu, again Profile, again Skill. Seek for his or her breathing abilities and tap on the one you like afore auger on the Acclimation button MapleStory M Mesos. This allows you to add an breathing adeptness to your ceremony of shortcuts, authentic it easier for you to battery the adeptness if in activity abut enemies. Just remember, though, that breathing abilities crave courage potions, which, like HP potions, can be acquired as rewards for quests or dailies. beta
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