You play the role of an Exile

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First up, the story. You play the role of an Exile, beatific to the Chastening Realm of Wraeclast for an bearding abomination adjoin the Emperor. Afore diving into the game, you are adapted to POE Currency baddest the appearance chic that you are traveling to play as, and the name your appearance will have.

There a few to admission from, as is accustomed in amateur like this, and they can be about breach into affray and ranged classes. The affray classes are the Marauder, who uses Maces to do immense accident and is a Backbone based character; the Duelist, who wields swords and axes and is a Strength/Dexterity based character; the Templar, who is based about Strength/Intelligence and uses Staves and Sceptres to accompany the pain; and afterwards the Shadow, who is a Dexterity/Intelligence appearance and uses artful and claws to get in, do some damage, and get out again.

Compared to Diablo’s Demon Hunter (my favourite class), the Forester at atomic seems to admission a deathwish that it is complete harder to allocution her out of. This is not just a botheration that affects the ranged classes, as the affray characters aswell do the same, it’s just added credible if you are acid at an adversary and the arrows accumulate whistling able their ear and accomplishing no damage. beta
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