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Mayan Families

We recently posted on the Elderly Care Blog about a sweet man named Adrian who was sleeping on a wooden door. It was heartbreaking to see this frail 86 year old man sleeping on wood. To make the situation even worse, he didn't even own the door, it was borrowed from his neighbors. So the only thing he had to sleep on did not even belong to him. We would like to give Adrian a bed so he can at least have one safe, comfortable place to rest. We've received some donations from you, thank you so much, but we are still short $70. If anyone was thinking of giving a little something extra to someone who really needed it, please consider donating to Adrian and giving him a bed. He (and we) would really appreciate your concern and generosity. Thank you so, so much!

To donate for Adrian please go to our website and click on "Donate Now". Enter your donation in the "Other $" box.  In the "Details" box, write "A79 Bed".

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