Child Labor in Guatemala

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Sch ool Their Kids Have just finished laboring three-month stint in the coffee fields and Are Now back in school. That Means More Picking coffee bean Taking the off the bush. It Means keep a wary eye on the ground at the Same Time for poisonous snakes. And hauling heavy loads it Means of produce on young backs to the dog scales Before They Receive A Few Pennies for Their hard day's work. I remember as an 11-year-old, picking raspberries and strawberries DURING pay for my school break. It Did not kill me, But Neither did i have to carry 100-lb sacks of produce on my back or hope That a lethal snake-bike Would not finish me off, like these kids do.
The stark fact-is, child labor proliferate in this region of Guatemala much as it did in the Dickens-era, 200 years ago.In FACT, one farmer Particularly unethical, Who owns a large coffee farm in an Adopt-a-Village sponsor village by ill-gotten input gains, as the story goes, pays Children's $ 1.20 to work from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm ( about one-sixth the national minimum wage). He gets away with it (and has for decades have passed) Because There Is No Government entity or children's rights organization to Protect Children from historical practices illegal. Moreover, Parents, Their Families desperate to see survive, in order quetzal Every Need to Keep Their Children fed and Malthus These Encourage Them to work long hours.

These harsh Demands on Children Make Them Become adults way too quickly. It is for this reason, I am so grateful to Our child sponsors. I Feel That Children Who Are Those lucky enough sponsors to enter Have Their Lives, stay a little Younger, A little longer. Sponsors, Through Their caring letters and small gifts and occasional visits, remind Indeed Them That They Are Still Children, Not adults in child-size onesies. I sincerely thank all of you Such Children Who offer kindness and care-through sponsorship beta
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