Cristobalina, the 15 year old girl who was electocuted in Guatemala

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Mayan Families

Hi, many of you will remember Cristobalina, the young 15 year old girl who was electrocuted when she touched a live wire. She was working in a tortilla shop and went up on the flat cement roof to get something and touched a wire.
She lost both her arms above the elbows and part of her feet. She has suffered from terrible burns all over her.
When  she was sent home from the hospital in a wheel chair, very depressed and with no further follow up recommended. Her uncle came to Mayan Families to see if we could help her.
The family did not speak Spanish, they did not know their way around the city or how to talk to doctors etc.
We wrote about Cristobalina's story....and as we have seen many times...a small miracle happened for Cristobalina.  A friend who is a doctor was coming to Guatemala on a medical team, she asked if Cristobalina could be brought to see her in the clinic where she would be working.
Dina, who worked in Family Aid...had formed a close relationship with Cristobalina and helped keep her morale up....took Cristobalina to visit the doctor , Florence at the clinic.
Florence met another doctor there , a Guatemalan doctor who had a great connections at Ronald Mc Donald House.    Finally, Cristobalina was taken back to the hospital, many, many times for many surgeries but now , Cristobalina who thought she would be in a wheel chair for the rest of her life, now walks, runs and has found that there is life after this terrible accident.
We have been in awe of the beautiful art work that Cristobalina has done using her mouth.
Hiroko, a Japanese volunteer photographer that we have been fortunate to have with us for the past few months has done a beautiful job on showing some of Cristobalina's life and challenges. She was given very unusual access into the hospital to take these photos.
Erin, the Mayan Families Co ordinator is working with Hiroko to set up an exhibition of Cristobalina's art work and Hiroko's photos here in Panajachel.
We would love to get a computer for Cristobalina and have internet connected for her.  She wants to learn English and we want to help her do as much as she can.
Thank you to everyone who has helped Cristobalina come this far.
She is still going to the hospital, there is still a long way for her to go.....but this girl has a lot of spirt!
Here is the link to the move the photos along with the little box on the bottom left hand of the screen.   ( it took me awhile to find it!)
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