Dental Team Visits Villages

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Dental Team Visits Villages

There was both fear and hope in the air as the dental team from Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church arrived on the scene in the villages. Many children from these small, rural communities had never had a dentist examine their teeth before and were afraid of what might happen. Many of the adults had been in pain and experiencing dental issues for months and some for even years. For them, the visit from the dental team provided a day of hope!

Dentist with patientThe dental team, consisting of three dentists, two dental assistants, and several other helping hands, visited four small villages in the municipality of San Andrés Semetabaj. Each visit by the dental team took place inside the community’s school building, with school children being given first priority. As time allowed, adults in the community were also seen and treated. By the week’s end, over 175 people had received dental care.

Flouride TreatmentIn addition to extractions and fillings, many of the school children were given fluoride treatment. Each patient also received a toothbrush and instructions on how to properly brush their teeth. Mission Guatemala is extremely grateful for our new friends from Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church in Seattle, Washington. Thank you for the significant impact you made on the communities you visited!


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