Diabetes ...a huge problem in Guatemala.

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Mayan Families


This is a story about just one woman.  We have many people who are suffering from diabetes. In response to the huge amount of people we see who are trying to live with this disease, we have started a Diabetes Club that meets once a month.    It is not enough but it is what we can do at the moment. The people come and have their blood tested, which is the only time they have it during the whole month. We have a doctor who volunteers to come and treat the members of the club and we always have a health professional who gives them a talk about the different issues of diabetes.  We have also had a pyschologist come along and give a talk because many people who are diagnosed with diabetes become very depressed thinking that this is a terminal disease.  Quite often it is in Guatemala because there is a lack of knowledge and a lack of money to be able to buy the meds needed to control the disease and also the money and knowledge needed about the dietary issues.

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