Raising a child is to change the future of a nation

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We have long fought to oust Guatemala of poverty, but we have not really found the real problem.
We started to engage our families in this process and has been really difficult, but we have seen the need for more financial support because we are making an impact, the biggest challenge is to get our children to learn about ecology, health, agriculture etc..

We hope that our sister organizations take seriously the need to change and leave paternalism and squeeze the system to other organizations with his workshops where all they do is judge and are not able to present viable solutions for sustainable development.

Our children are not stupid, they will do what we have already done, make no mistake they imitate us, if your children are spoiled knowing that you have imitated if they are just sad, are our best mirror.

If neither will recycle them, if we are not equally productive, which is why we believe it is important to fight for genuine change, we start with the example and then we can ask others to change.

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