Friday, Saturday and Sunday! December with Mayan Families in Guatemala

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Mayan Families
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‎(This was from Dec-18-2011)
Hi, sorry there have been so few postings but we are working long hours here at this time.

Friday we celebrated Christmas with the families in El Barranco, Solola, Guatemala.

Connie Turvey who is a member of this group....( I am going to embarrass her here!!!)....Connie has been selling beaded jewelry from Guatemala and has managed to sell enough to be able to buy 61 Tamale baskets for the families in El Barranco!!!! The families were thrilled on Friday when we told them that each family would be getting a Tamale Basket.

Thank you Connie!!!!
The photos are posted on Picasa this morning.

We have a sign thanking Leila Treige for donating the money to pay for expenses of the Christmas party!

The children were all thrilled to be able to pick out their presents.

The kids just love those plastic bags full of all sorts of goodies! They were a big hit! Cars are the things that the boys want the most and girls want dolls....little dolls , big dolls...any kind ...just so that they have a doll. They also love the stuffed animals! All the toys that everyone sent were a big hit!!!!!

Yesterday, Saturday, Dec-17-2011 we did the big party here in Panajachel, Guatemala....we had families from all over come to the party.

We had over a 1,000 children!!!!!! The families laughed with the clown, were able to pick out their toys, get their photo with Santa and have a snack before they left. It was a long day but a good one....we started at and stopped giving out toys at 3.30pm!

Sunday Dec-18-2011 we are starting the job of packing the Tamale Baskets. We have just over a 1,000 baskets now. I am not sure of the exact number but will let you know short. But I don't think it is too many over a 1,000.

There is still time to get your order in for a basket for your sponsored family, an elderly person or a family in need!

Please remember that we welcome volunteers to come down during this time and is a lot of work, but a lot of fun!

Thank you all for making this such a jolly Christmas for so many !

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We adopted a little girl a couple of years ago that was born in Mazatenango, Guatemala an recently learned she has an older biological sister. Since she cannot be with the mother, we worry ths child could be in an orphanage somewhere. We know her name but nothing else. Does anyone know where or how we might begin to search for er. beta
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