Getting Ready For Christmas

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Mission Guatemala


Packing Food Baskets

Mission Guatemala is busy getting ready for Christmas!  We are organizing three village-wide Christmas parties in the communities of Nueva Esperanza, Nueva Victoria, and Chutinamit.  All three villages consist of communities that were displaced by Hurricanes Stan and Agatha, and that are now seeking to rebuild in new locations.   All together, the three parties will provide Christmas presents for over 300 children and food baskets for 135 families.  It is a big task.

Wrapping Presents!But on Friday, December 7, the task was made easier with the help of the students and staff of Panajachel Colegio Internacional (PCI).  For their Friday afternoon service project, the school enthusiastically wrapped presents, packed baskets with food, and weighed out bulk corn and beans into individual, family-sized packages.

The party preparations are far from over for Mission Guatemala, but the tremendous work of the students and staff of PCI has moved them immeasurably closer to completion.  We are grateful for their hard work and support!

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