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 A month ago I visited the community of Tocayche situated among the Highland Mayans of Guatemala. I was there to check out our community feeding program and to interview kids who can not go to school next year without financial help.
I found the feeding program doing well. Several dedicated mamas were doing the cooking for the 90 some people who show up for a nutritious nutrient supplemented lunch.
I was saddened by the middle school sponsorships. Saddened because the four kids we interviewed want to go to 7th grade so bad and their 3 mamas are doing all they can to get them there. They are the same mamas who come in and cook the lunch for the kids. None of these mamas had any education. Nothing. So hard to believe that in this day and age I can interview 3 women and none of then had even a kindergarten education. No wonder they want it so bad for their kids. So here are the kids

Angel Angel: 13. Has 3 younger sibs. His dad makes about $20.00 a week working in the fields.
He wants to be an agronomist.
Rosalia Rosalia : 12
Has 4 sibs.
Dad works in fields and makes about $20.00 a week.
She wants to be a teacher.

This next child is Adolfo. He is 11. He is the brother of Angel with 3 sibs and a dad making only $20.00 a week. He wants to be a teacher.

Now to Julio. He is 13 with 4 sibs. Same story with his dad and money. He wants to be an engineer.

The last child is Tony. He is my 11 year old adopted son. He does not worry about school. He knows he is expected to go to University and he knows we will provide the money for it. He wants to be an engineer.

What a difference where you are born can make.

The Mayan kids of Guatemala have to pay about $350.00 to go to middle school. Per year. $20 a week doesn't even buy food much less education.

We have a new website developed to help the 100 kids coming to us hoping we can get them the scholarships they need to continue.


you can write me too if interested  20.vicki@gmail.com


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