Maria Antonieta

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Mayan Families

Maria Antonieta is our #1 student, our very first student....she is the first student that we registered when we started Mayan Families.
Her sponsor, Sue and her family, have stayed with Maria during her elementary school years, her jnr. high and high school years . Maria Antonieta was hoping to go to University. She wants to be a social worker.But she fell in love, got married and has a beautiful baby her dreams are on hold right now of becoming a social worker but only for a short time.  Next year , Maria Antonieta is planning to start University , going on the week ends so that she can look after her family. She and her sponsor, Sue have a very close relationship...and Sue surprised Maria Antonieta with all the she needed for a birthday celebration...a very special birthday celebration, not only was it Maria Antonieta's birthday ,....but also the celebration of the daughter's first birthday.   There was cake, tamales and they both received beautiful new traditional clothing!Thank you Sue for all you have done....Maria Antonieta has come a  long way!!
Sharon Smart-Poage
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