Medical Team Visits Villages

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Mission Guatemala
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In late June, a medical group from Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Augusta, Georgia visited many of the villages around Mission Guatemala’s ministry site in San Andrés Semetabaj. Many of the villages said that a there had not been a doctor in their community for several years.

Each day, the team would take off to a different village.  Upon arrival, they would begin a rapid set up process to prepare for the day’s work.  There was a triage area where nurses would hear about the medical issues people were facing.  From there, they would go to a consultation area where they would meet with a doctor and receive a diagnosis.  The final stop was the pharmacy area where they would receive medicine to help with their health issue.  People with more serious health issues, or issues that required more diagnosis and ongoing treatment, were referred to the Mission Guatemala clinic in San Andrés.

The team also brought with them several thousand eye glasses.  Access to classes is a major problem in Guatemala.  Sometimes, reading glasses that can be purchased at the dollar store in the United States can change a life here.  There were also thousands of prescription eye glasses donated by The Lions Club in the United States.

Each day, well over 100 people were seen by the doctors and nearly 400 people were seen for eye glasses.

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