Mothers Day Celebration in San Jorge!

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We went to visit the San Jorge preschool for the Mother's Day celebration yesterday, and it was great!  Almost all of the mothers came, so the school room was packed with moms, students, and their younger siblings, all ready for a party.  The students started things off with what was possibly the most adorable dance I've ever seen: tiny little boys in their button down shirts, dancing with teensy little girls in the school's 'uniform' of traditional clothing.  One couple really got into it--they were spinning and twirling all over the floor to a Mother's Day song.  The little boy from that couple, Javier, was the next act; he put on a cool pair of shades and a cowboy hat, and lip-synced a Mother's Day rap, dancing all the while.  

Then there were the games for the mothers.  Highlights included a banana eating contest, racing to wrap each other like mummies with toilet paper, and filling empty coke bottles with water--with their mouths.  The moms were great sports, and there were lots of laughs and prizes to go around.  My favorite moment of the day, though, came during a game where each mom got a little piece of paper with something they had to do or act out.  Someone got a rooster, and someone got an elephant, and both acted them out admirably.  When it came down to the last woman--a shy mom who was one of the last to volunteer to participate--she opened her paper to find that she had to dance.  She started very slowly, and she was obviously a bit embarrassed, when Javier--the dancer and lip-syncer extraordinaire--rushed onto the floor to help her out!  With such an enthusiastic partner, she couldn't help but dance, and they ended up winning the game.  

The party ended with gifts for the moms--family pictures in frames made by the kids, and tamales for everyone.  The moms loved the gifts.  Many people don't have any pictures of their family, so the framed photos were really special.  It was great to see how excited the kids were to give their moms the presents.  They all ran across the room, arms outstretched holding their pictures out towards their moms.  It was a great end to the festivities, and everybody went home happy.

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