My First Internship: Putting My Knowledge into Practice

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"My name is Mariela Sahon and once again I am honored to share with you my experience in the fifth semester studying Social Work. In June of this semester, we celebrated the International Day of Social Workers.  It was a very nice event because we developed different activities in which our classmates worked together to give a strong presentation on the importance of this work.  
At the close of this year, we will receive our technical titles in Social Work. As a requirement for my course on Institutional Practice, I had to develop an internship with an organization working towards social justice.  Here in the picture, I am completing my internship at the Office of Social Development, working alongside the department that focuses on disabilities in Panajachel.  I was assigned to provide training to mothers in order to teach them about different themes including: values, self esteem, teamwork, and leadership. The time frame of this internship was one month.

A new course that we began this semester is Social Psychology. This course is based on observing the different needs in the communities, as well as providing care to victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. This class is specifically for helping people solve their problems and needs. In this photo, a classmate is performing a drama about discrimination and treatment towards indigenous people. The purpose of this activity was to observe and give solutions in ways we can intervene.

This picture was taken during my internship with my group providing trainings to local women. The topics covered in the training were different and included: family planning, STDs, and maternal health. By focusing on these topics, we hope to provide awareness to these women about their bodies and reproductive system, ultimately reducing the number of unwanted and teenage pregnancies. 

The next picture shows our last class of the semester, where we shared our internship experiences. Through the internship, we were able to implement our knowledge that we had acquired in the last two years of university. It was a very nice and memorable experience and I enjoyed all of the different activities of the internship.
At the close of the internship, we presented our Final Report, a record of the activities implemented in the different institutions.  As a result of the internship, we learned a lot, implemented our acquired knowledge, and above all were able to act as real life social workers.

I am very grateful that all of my colleagues finished the fifth semester of Social Work successfully. I thank God for giving me the wisdom and understanding to achieve my goal of studying at the university level, as well as Maya Traditions Foundation for the big economic support, allowing me to make the university payments" beta
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