So close to being able to buy all 7 plots of land!

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Mayan Families

Thank you so much to those of you who have donated to purchase land for our families!

We can't believe it, but we are only $230 short of being able to buy ALL SEVEN plots of land for seven families in need! This is a dream come true for so many of our families! Thank you to everyone who helped.

If you haven't already, please spread the word. We're just $230 short of buying the last plot of land and we only have a few hours left!We've currently raised enough money for 6 plots of lands for 6 very needy families, including Lucinda (#353) and Ana Alicia (#1241)! We have the opportunity to purchase a total of 7 plots of land. We still have 1 family waiting and hoping to receive a plot of land. Please consider donating to them! Thank you! beta
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