Thursday at Mayan Families June-8-2011

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Mayan Families
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We were very busy yesterday ....lots of things going on.
We are organizing for the medical /dental / veterinarian clinics that are coming up ...we have three different groups starts next week.
We also are getting the four NCU students settled into the jobs that they will be doing for the next 6 weeks.
Late yesterday afternoon, we had a surprise Bridal/groom shower for Sandra, the Mayan Families social worker who will wed Fredy, the Mayan Families Micro Loans Manager on Saturday.
It is the custom here to have a surprise was a lot of fun. Lots of silly games that had us all laughing and running about .
I have posted some of the photos on the blog and if you would like to see the rest of them please go to the Picassa web albums.
Thursday was also a day that we gave out a lot of food to students and families. This food has been sent by their sponsors.....also birthday gifts.
We are also giving out bottles of children's vitamins. We have had a lot of vitamins donated from Lois Werner in Antigua who managed to get a big donation from Vitamin Angels and has been kind enough to share them with us.
So every child that comes through the door is getting a 30 day supply of vitamins....we are also giving them to some adults who really need them as well.
Every day we are giving out clothes and shoes to families in need. I hope that you can see your clothes and shoes being distributed in the photos.Sharon beta
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