Aviation Support for NGOs in Guatemala

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My wife and I are considering a non-profit organization that will provide aviation services to NGOs, charities, and religious organizations. We are trying to figure out if we should operate out of Guatemala in order to service all of Central America. We are trying to figure out if there is a need among NGOs for aviation services in Guatemala. What if any need exists for aviation in Guatemala? Are you aware of anyone else providing these services? Where are they based? Any information would be extremely helpful. Thank you in advance for your time.

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Great Commission Air

I am aware of one other organization that provides this service in Guatemala and elsewhere. I don't believe they have permanent operations in Guate, but I could be wrong. http://www.greatcommissionair.org/contact.php They appear to be based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Good luck and I hope everything comes together!

Dorka Corporation

The process of registering a company in Guatemala is easy, once someone guide us or read this page where my purpose is to clarify all possible doubts enterprising people but unknown to most or all of the process.

I will try to explain how the whole process in simple words and everyday life to make it easier to understand.

Any questions or comments you can do at the www.dorkacorporation.com

One) in your should book your appointment at least 1 hour or hour and a half for each procedure.

Two) better go to the location when they open (8 am) because there are many people at that time.

Three) If, upon an errand you meet someone with a bad attitude or angry, the best thing we behave politely because at that time you depend on that person.

Four) bring a pencil or black pen for any data that we forgot to fill in the forms.

Five) To register your company you will on 2 institutions: commercial register (7 Ave 7-61 zone 4 is like 2 blocks from the tower of the reformer as going to zone 1) and any agency of the SAT (there are many in the country)

Six) do not expect in the commercial register or agencies SAT windows are labeled for the types of procedures they perform. So do not go into panic when you enter and you just see people as they do not know or stop queuing.

Seven) the process will take several days (not consecutive) so take into account you have to go several days to run errands. This article I divided in the days you need.

Day 1 (collect forms)

Commercial register go to pick up the form to register as a sole trader and sole proprietorship ( is the same form).

This form is available on any of the windows BANRURAL found within the commercial register. The cost is Q. 2.00 (2 quetzals).

What is the difference between sole trader and sole proprietorship?

For a person can market any products and / or services within Guatemala (individual trader) must obtain a permit which is called individual merchant.

A person can own many businesses and every business needs a permit to operate (sell services and / or products) in Guatemala. Such permission is called “Patent trade." Fill the box means that individual company will get a “business license ."

Contact any office of the SAT (I prefer the agency is in the Atanasio Tzul mall) because there are not many people there. The agency of the obelisk there is always a line of about 30 people.

Request form and update RTU ( unified tax registration ) The purpose of this form is that in going to say what is the physical address of your place of your tent, the physical address of your residence , the taxes to which you inscribe (VAT, income tax , IETAP ) .

Taxes are what you charge for Guatemala right to market products and / or services within our country. It is the price to pay for being able to do legally sales within our country Guatemala.

What follows is for entrepreneurs who are just starting with your business

If you are starting your business it is best to register as a small contributor. By definition, the small taxpayer is selling at most Q 60,000 in a full year.

If you're starting with your company is the best sign the simplified scheme of 5% (in the box of VAT). This means you only pay 5% of total sales.

For example if you sell: Q10, 000, you must pay the SAT Q 10,000 * 0.05. Of the 10,000 Q Q500 that are sold for SAT.

Supposedly these Q500 SAT invests in Guatemala.

The amount you pay to the SAT must do every 3 months (April, July , October, January )

If you enroll in this scheme only pay 5% 5% of sales. You will not pay income tax or IETAP.

Should be requested authorization request form. These books are the books of purchases, sales, inventory and cash that every company must have at least.

Day 2 (give form in the commercial register)

Commercial register go to leave the form to register as a sole trader and sole proprietorship ( is the same form).

In a legal size folder you must submit:
1. Completed form in typescript or black ink sole trader registration and individual company ( which you were to pick one right there on the commercial register ) .

Two. Photocopy of your ID card.

Three . Balance Sheet of start-up counter signed by a registered expert on the SAT. This balance must indicate the brand name of your company, owner, initial capital (minimum should be Q2, 000 ) . Looking for some expert friend told that you can make this simple balance and so you can save this cost.

In any of the boxes 4 through 7 to queue and say you get to submit the form to register as a sole trader and individual enterprise. Show it to the person in the box.

The person will give two receipts you'll pay in BANRURAL (found in the commercial register).

You'll BANRURAL you do you queue, and pay back with the person who gave him the legal size folder already paid receipts. The total you pay is the Q175 to Q75 which are to register as a sole trader and Q100 to register individual company (business license) .

The person in the commercial register box will tell you to come back in 2 business days which is the time it takes to register a company in Guatemala.

The 2 pay you the returns from the commercial register the person that will be the proof that will serve to collect patent the day she says.

Day 3 (Patent deliver you trade in the commercial register)

You must make sure you bring your card before heading to the commercial register and a letter size folder.

In any of the boxes 4 through 7 tail and say do you get to collect a business license? 2 Delivery receipts are proof you already paid the Q175.

We deliver the business license (to finally watch with excitement and joy you patent your trading company). These patent trading revenue stamps should have to be willing.

Low audible and head to the basement of the register and you pay Q50 for revenue stamps for patent trading patent trading individual company.

You climb the stairs and head to the information desk of the commercial register there to get hit revenue stamps to the patent and put her stamp on fiscal stamps ) . The information desk is not identified , but the first is at the entrance of the commercial register ( not to be confused with the window registry of intellectual property). If you do not place yourself can ask the police.

You take a photocopy of your patent ( and with the stamps and stamp set ) and head with your identification card to any of the boxes 4 through 7 to reason your cedula. Reasoning your card on the card means that you are already enrolled written as individual merchant .

You get a receipt, so save your receipt because it will help you to collect your card on day 4.
Reason the card takes 1 business day.

Day 4 ( I delivered the reasoned identification card and go to any agency of the SAT to update your RTU )

Commercial register go to pick up your card and collect reasoned in any of the boxes 4 to 7.

Contact any office of the SAT (I prefer the agency is in the Atanasio Tzul mall) because not many people there. The agency of the obelisk there is always a line of about 30 people.

You must be sure you bring the following to the agency SAT: your original copy , your original patent trade (with stamps and seals ) , photocopy of your identity card and the form you filled previously typed or hand to update your RTU and form enabling ledgers .

Delivery 5 things described in the lines above to the person of the SAT box. Wait for the person of the SAT update all your information in the system of the SAT.

The same person to finish updating your information you a receipt that you have to go pay BANRURAL. What are you paying ledgers you request the SAT have a cost. Q 0.50 per book (50 cents per book)

You'll pay BANRURAL to pay the amount of books and please come back to the office of the SAT.

Upon completion of this day you are already enrolled in the SAT and your books enabled.

BancaSAT (for printing your invoices)

At the SAT same person you think you will apply for a contract to enter BancaSAT . For it is this contract? This contract is for BancaSAT from you who will authorize the printing press to print yourself autorizarada your bills.

They ask you when you have monetary bank accounts so that from the website of your bank you can enter the section and from there BancaSAT authorize your favorite print.

This means that the website of your favorite bank, there is a section called “Banca SAT " and from there decide who will be your printer.

To create a contract of adhesion Banca SAT data needed are: a number of NIT, your passport or identity card number, address of your residence and your email address.

The contract is created in seconds, you print the contract. Then you take it to an agency of the bank you selected along with: your original copy (or passport) , photocopy of identity card ( or passport). Customer information your bank where you can leave questions that “adhesion contract BancaSAT " . Next day and have enabled BancaSAT section to authorize your favorite print.

You have to find the printers approved by the SAT to print your invoices. Print invoices take about 3 or 4 days depending on how much work you have to press.


I hope this article is of your income and your entrepreneurial journey starts in the best way.

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