Adventurous Medical Professional to assist in clinic serving rural Mayan communities

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Volunteer Opportunity, No Placement Fees
Buena Onda
, Quiché
Monday, March 13
Tuesday, October 10
Quiche + Verapazes
September 19, 2017 - 5:51pm
One to Six Months
Health / Medical, Cultural / Indegenous
Job Description:

We are searching for a qualified medical professional to go to an NGO that manages a medical facility that covers a population of 15.000 indigenous people from remote mountain villages.

Specifically needed are GPs, pediatricians, or OB-GYNs. Midwives, nurses, paramedics, dentists, ophthalmologists are encouraged to apply too. You must be in good health and comfortable in cross-cultural situations. It can be a challenging environment in its very basic functions but it is an incredibly rewarding experience bringing care to these communities who otherwise wouldn't have any.

The NGO promises a very unique experience in a rural Mayan village. In return for a 9-month commitment, you are provided with a plane ticket, accommodation, and food. Volunteers for 3 to 6 months are offered accommodation and food. You would be living in a remote village, so living quarters are basic and the community sometimes has no electricity or running water.

This is a very caring and close-knit team that has been establishing this clinic for a few years.

How to Apply: 

Contact Scott at scott@buenaondavolunteers for more information!

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Comments from the Spanish page

Submitted By Gladys E. Perea Lemos (not verified) on July 26, 2017 - 4:34pm

Buenas Tardes

Mi nombre es Gladys E. Perea Lemos soy dentista y me gustaría que me regalaran información acerca del programa de voluntariado. Cuánto es el tiempo cómo voluntario ?, cubren algún tipo de gastos ? , dónde se realiza el trabajo como tal ? y que se debe realizar para aplicar a ello ?.

Muchas Gracias , quedo atenta a su respuesta.

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