Construction Volunteer

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Volunteer Opportunity with Placement Fees
Constru Casa
, Sacatepequez
Friday, April 19
All of Guatemala, Antigua
May 26, 2016 - 10:04am
None / Basic
Less than One Month
Economic Development, Construction / Housing
Job Description:

Volunteer Work on the Construction Sites:
Volunteering at Constru Casa offers a unique cultural experience. Our volunteers will share intensive work time with the local masons, and have the opportunity to share the lives of an underprivileged Guatemalan family, all while contributing to improve their lives through the building of a new house.
Constru Casa houses are built by paid local building workers and their assistants. The beneficiary family also helps build with at least one member of the family. Construction volunteers and the family member work with and under the direction of the masons. For volunteers, the works consists of digging foundations, carrying materials including concrete block, sand and rocks, mixing concrete and generally helping the masons in their tasks.

It takes approximately two weeks to build a complete house. We encourage volunteers to work for a minimum of two weeks in order to be part of constructing a complete home. The construction sites vary considerably, dependent on rural or community settings and the general context of the family. Generally, Construction Volunteers are placed in the Antigua area.

We want to ensure that our volunteers enjoy a safe, enriching, and fun experience in Guatemala. Constru Casa staff will help volunteers arrange accommodation (hotel, hostel or home stay), transportation and a Spanish school, if needed. Constru Casa will also provide a complete orientation to the project, the construction work and full assistance during your stay.

A minimum stay of one week (two weeks preferred). Usually volunteers stay for two weeks; in exceptional cases four weeks volunteering can be arranged.
Enthusiasm, good communication and social skills.
Positive attitude and sensitivity towards Constru Casa’s mission and the housing problems in Guatemala.

Important Notice – Fundraising:
Construction Volunteers are asked to fundraise for the Constru Casa house that they help building before or after their volunteering experience in Guatemala. We suggest that they organize a fundraising event or find sponsors through family, friends or other resources. We will provide them with all the information and promotional materials necessary to carry out such an event. These fundraisers are a crucial part of Constru Casa's success and we rely heavily on the spirit and activism of our volunteers. We ask volunteers to contribute $350 to the house they are building.

Location: Construction Volunteers generally work on construction sites in the Antigua Guatemala area, where the Constru Casa offices are located.

How to Apply: 

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If you want to be help or help to the Constru Casa mission, please contact us via e-mail, don't comment. Thanks!

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hello, I have interest in your program. I have residential const. experience and teaching the same. my wife and I intend to rent a house in antiqua after the first of the year, for two/four wks. I would like to experience a volunteer program and study Spanish. as a volunteer I see my role as a providing a cultural exchange and labor, which is alright. your construction methods and codes are much different than ours, therefore I would like as much info as possible. thanks mitch beta
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