English/ Spanish Speaking Volunteers needed for Registered Non Profit, Mayan Families in Panajachel

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Volunteer Opportunity, No Placement Fees
Mayan Families
, Solola
Thursday, February 2
Lake Atitlan + Chimaltenango, Xela + Western Highlands
February 2, 2012 - 11:59am
One to Six Months
Education / Schools, Cultural / Indegenous, Women's Issues
Job Description:

Mayan Families is a 501.c.3 non-profit working to bring aid to the indigenous Mayan communities surrounding Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. We work on projects in community development, education, and disaster relief -- see a complete list of programs at www.MayanFamilies.org

We have numerous Volunteer Opportunities to choose from. Below is just one of them!

Our projects vary widely, but one of the biggest is the sponsorship of over 2,000 students. Each of these children periodically writes a letter to their sponsor in order to say thank you and tell the sponsor a bit about themselves. The letters are generally relatively brief, and come from students of all grade levels. We have staff working on translating these letters into English in order to send them to the sponsors, but we are always in need of more help.

This is a good way to practice your Spanish skills (you don't need to be 100% fluent--this can be a learning experience, and there are plenty of native speakers around to help), learn a little more about Guatemalan kids, and help support a program that keeps more than 1,900 children in school each year, in a region in which only 7.9% of students graduate from diversificado (high school).

We would love to have a volunteer dedicate themselves to the translation of these letters, but we certainly won't limit you to that one activity--if you'd like to spend a portion of your time doing something else, we have plenty of other jobs and would be happy to arrange a little variety.

There are no fees to volunteer, but you will be responsible for your living expenses while you are here. We do our best to help volunteers find affordable accommodations for their stay.

How to Apply: 

Please contact Dwight Poage at: Guatemala Cell Phone 5891-4998, U.S. Tel: 619-550-2608 or e-mail: dwight@mayanfamilies.org

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I know this was posted along time ago, but im just wondering if there is any volunteer position for translation work. Im guatemalan and im now working as an english teacher in alta verapaz. but i am available if its for a short while or after the school year ends. (Nov - Dec)

Just this past week I had the privilage of visiting Panajachel and was truly taken with the country and people of Guatemala. I have lived in several Spanish speaking countries (Chile y Peru) and am a Social Worker by profession in the USA. I am interested in opportunites that might allow me to work for an NGO like Mayan Familes, to put both my language skills and professional skills to use. If there are ever any opportunities, I would be extremely greatful and interested in hearing from you. Muchas gracias por su consideracion y espero que la oportunidad sera posible un dia!


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