GPSA Country Manager Guatemala & Belize

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Paid Job Position
Antigua, Xela, Huehue
Saturday, February 1
Antigua, Xela + Western Highlands, Quiche + Verapazes
October 6, 2014 - 1:29pm
More than Six Months
Education / Schools, Health / Medical, Engineer / H20 / Stoves
Job Description:

The Global Public Service Academies ( were founded with an understanding that students from high school through college can make a difference in the world. All of our academies are experiences in the developing world formed around an educational collaboration with faculty from Duke University and Harvard University. We know that working with US faculty in an international setting allows students to learn and contribute in ways that a domestic summer camp or volunteer experience can’t.

GPSA currently runs trips in the winter, summer and spring in Guatemala and Belize. GSPA is experiencing rapid growth and expects approximately 120 students to participate in GPSA programs in 2015.

GPSA is now looking for an independent contractor to serve as Country Manager for Guatemala and Belize, based in Guatemala. As Country Manager, you would have multiple responsibilities including: 1) Management of community partner relationships, including identification of new community partners (schools, hospitals and clinics), communication before student arrival to coordinate on-site projects, communication during student activities to coordinate day-to-day activities, communication after student departure to collect feedback and develop improvement plans and coordination of financial and physical donations to the community partners, 2) Management of housing for students and staff, including identification of new housing, inspection of housing, coordination of payments for housing, and communication before, during and after student experiences to manage problems and expectations 3) Handling of applications for participation from students, leaders, leaders-in-training and chaperones including collecting applications, checking for application forms and their completeness, answering questions, submitting applications, and participating, as needed to the admissions committee and occasionally answering questions from parents, 4) Transportation coordination, including transportation to and from the airport, weekend activities and to/from the clinics, schools and other locations and 5) Coordination of language classes.

The Country Manager is expected to additionally act as Trip Director for all short-term (one-week and two-week trips) and most long-term (three-week and four-week) trips. The responsibilities of trip director include 1) assigning students to sites, 2) managing college leaders, 3) managing leaders-in-training (long-term trips), 4) handling discipline and conflict problems as they arise, and 5) communicating with parents and GPSA staff as needed.

The Country Manager may be required to occasionally visit Durham, North Carolina, USA for business meetings. GPSA is expanding rapidly. Therefore, the Country Manager will be expected to participate in new product development, such as spring-break trips, eco-friendly trips, new sites, etc.

The Country Manager should possess a Bachelor’s degree. The Country Manager should be able to work comfortably in English and Spanish. The Country Manager should be currently living in or near Antigua, Xela or Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The Country Manager must be able to demonstrate an ability to receive payments in US$ and account for those payments. Knowledge of Mandarin is advantageous but not required. A Country Manager with a medical professional background is preferred but not required. A demonstrated interest in tourism and high school students is preferred but not required.

The Country Manager is a contract employee engaged for one year at a time, renewable. The Country Manager will not be provided with benefits or an office. However, an annual budget will be provided for office utilities (telephone, computer, printer and toner). Each one-year contract is expected to be valued at US$5000 - US$6000 depending on the experience and qualifications of the applicant. The Country Manager will be expected to begin work in February, 2015.

How to Apply: 

Interested parties should provide a resume to Dr. Robert Malkin ( before December 15, 2014

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