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Volunteer Opportunity with Placement Fees
Not listed with a registered organization
, Chimaltenango
Friday, June 26
Antigua, Lake Atitlan + Chimaltenango
August 12, 2016 - 3:28pm
None / Basic
One to Six Months
Education / Schools, Environmental / Animal, NGO Assistance / Fund, Construction / Housing
Job Description:

Looking to participate in a radically green development project? Long Way Home is currently constructing a self sustainable 18-building green academy in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Using alternative methods and materials, we are empowering the youth of this community, the majority of whom are Kaqchikel Maya, to be the architects of their own futures. To date we've used over 400 tons of garbage in our construction projects and we currently serve 118 students in grades K-8. Volunteers with Long Way Home will experience a variety of tasks which may include pounding tires with rammed earth, using bottles stuffed with trash to form fences, creating and placing glass bottle bricks for natural lighting, or harvesting cactus pads for a natural sealant. Whether you're learning Spanish, building alongside local workers, or harvesting rainwater for a bucket bath, we guarantee you'll be challenging yourself and, with the right attitude, having a fantastic time doing it!

The volunteer program fee is just $75/ week to stay in our shared volunteer house. The fee includes house staples (toilet paper, pots and pans, dish/hand soap, salt/pepper, cooking oil, drinking water), also includes onsite training. Food is not included, but most volunteers eat communally and food costs are about $10/week. There is also the option to stay with a host family $85/week or local family owned hotel for $95/week.

How to Apply: 

Just fill out our application from our website here

You may contact the Volunteer Coordinator at with any questions!

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Hello muy name es Silva a Pineda I would like work with yours and I work before with Womens Organizations un Guatemala and falso I as do volunteers work un Casa of Marylan in Maryland, USA. Muy iPhone es (202)8262047 and (502)55793380. beta
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