Medical Volunteer

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Volunteer Opportunity with Placement Fees
Primeros Pasos
Saturday, January 1
Xela + Western Highlands
August 15, 2011 - 4:33pm
One to Six Months
Health / Medical
Job Description:

Medical volunteers will complete clinical examinations, make diagnoses, and distribute medications. Position is open to physicians, RNs, PAs, and fourth-year medical students. Intermediate Spanish required. Minimum 5 week commitment. Position is available January-December.

We ask all volunteers to donate 250 USD to our organization upon their arrival. Volunteers may donate in three different ways. (1) Donate 250 USD directly to Primeros Pasos. Volunteers may donate online at (2) Enroll 5 people in the Five Times Five Hundred fundraising campaign ( (3) Donate 250 USD worth of supplies to Primeros Pasos. Please contact the General Director ( for a complete supplies list.

Volunteers can also expect to spend 250-300 USD per month living in Quetzaltenango (Xela). Estimated expenses include rent, food, and personal expenses.

How to Apply: 

Please fill out our volunteer application on our website: Contact, Rachel Kitch, Volunteer Coordinator, with any questions.

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I'm an Australian paramedic with 6 years experience, now on extended travel in Latin America. I will be staying with friends in Xela for a significant period from January 2018, and would like to contribute in some voluntary capacity whilst I'm there. I have intermediate Spanish skills and a flexible schedule.

I see your program does not mention paramedics, and is also quite established and rigid in its requirements. Would you have any place for me, and if not, would you be able to offer any assistance or advice as to where I would be able to help?

I greatly appreciate your time,

Grant Hodges beta
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