Urban/ Community Planner

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Volunteer Opportunity, No Placement Fees
Project Somos
Monday, June 1
Lake Atitlan + Chimaltenango
January 6, 2015 - 5:31pm
None / Basic
One to Six Months
Orphanage / Home, Economic Development, Women's Issues
Job Description:

Background: The Project Somos Village is an eco-sustainable alternative community for at-risk mothers and children. The Village has family homes and an organic farm within the small Kaqchikel community of Chivarabal in the Central Highlands of Guatemala. Project Somos believes that a child’s best chance for success comes from being raised by their own family in a stable supportive environment. As an orphan prevention program, the Village supports widowed and single mothers who are at-risk of losing their children due to poverty and difficult living situations. Project Somos offers a home, education and vocational training to help mothers provide opportunities and a new beginning for their children. Project Somos educates mothers and children in nutrition, hygiene, organic gardening and offers opportunities to learn the skills and self-confidence to prepare them to return to their communities and live independent lives.

Position Description:
This position would include developing an overall site plan for the Somos Village that would include a 2-5 year plan of construction. It would include researching other similar communities and analysing information found to apply to the plan. Work would be done in collaboration with the Project Manager and the Executive Director.

Skills Required:
o Experience in Urban/Community Planning
o Some fluency in Spanish is helpful
o Cultural flexibility
o Internet research ability
o Analytical ability
o Collaboration

As well as the above outlined position description, all interns are expected to participate in Village activities and special events where needed. All will be expected to work together to offer extra-curricular programming for the children based on skills and interest level.

Starting Date: June 1, 2015

Duration: 6-12 weeks

To Apply:

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