Volunteer in dog and cat, no-kill shelter

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Volunteer Opportunity, No Placement Fees
Buena Onda
Sumpango (near Antigua)
Monday, March 20
Sunday, December 10
March 8, 2017 - 9:05am
None / Basic
One to Six Months
Environmental / Animal, Construction / Housing
Job Description:

Volunteers enjoy a hands-on experience with the animals - dogs, cats, a goat, a rabbit, and a horse. Each day consists of cleaning kennels, walking dogs and puppies, giving medicines, socializing/training puppies and socialising/grooming cats and dogs.

There are also many other ways to be involved! If you have special skills, such as veterinary, electrical or construction, we have a need there too. We also need people with writing skills and an interest in social media for helping with newsletters, blogs, Facebook and fundraising.

This is a unique opportunity with a wonderful shelter in a beautiful forested area. You can either stay in Antigua or at or near the shelter. There is a hotel within walking distance or there is basic accommodation at the shelter (at the shelter, you share space with a lovely, friendly cat). If you stay at the shelter, there is a 2 week minimum commitment. The shelter is accessible from Antigua by bus (about 30 minutes each way).

How to Apply: 

Contact Scott at scott@buenaondavolunteers.org for more information!

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