ASSADE Asociación para la Salud y el Desarrollo

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Permanent Medical Clinic
San Andrés Itzapa
, Chimaltenango
December 1, 2017 - 2:35am
Lake Atitlan + Chimaltenango
Maria Elena Letona
+(502) 5881-6701
+(502) 5742-1083
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Education / Schools, Health / Medical, Women's Issues
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Nonprofit NGO dedicated to providing primary health care services with quality and fairness, especially for poor mothers and children. Health being an individual right, each person deserves respect for their human integrity.

We base our actions on the basic bio-psycho-social needs of individuals, families and the community, looking for an individual service. Our services are aimed at prevention, treatment, and recovery. We consider all patients without regard to race, creed, nationality or social class.

Currently, the fee for consultation is Q 5.00 ($ 0.62). The price for drugs is purely symbolic, according to the economic capacity of each person (if the person lacks the ability to pay this nominal fee, the drugs are free.) The funds raised from the sale of medicines and consultations, are invested in the sustainability of the Association.

Patients normally come in on their own, without reference from another health facility. Sometimes volunteers must move them to the nearest Hospital to their homes.

We are open to receiving foreign medical teams considering it is for the benefit of the community.

We currently have two medical clinics, a waiting room, a recovery ward, a pharmacy, and another clinic, which, for lack of equipment, we have not been able to use for orthodontic services.

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Tengo experiencia en trabajo cumunitaro , anteriormente trabaje en progrmas educativos de estimulacion temprana , primaria acelerada para niños y refuerzos escolares con niños con problemas de aprendizaje . Soy maestra de Educacion Preprimaria y tecnica en estumulacion temprana y primaria aclerada
practivco evaluacaiones Psiocmetricas para los niños con problemas de conducta y educativos.

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