La Asociacion Nuestros Ahijados Medical Clinic

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Permanent Medical Clinic
, Sacatepequez
January 12, 2011 - 3:46pm
+502 7832-4678
5 - 10
Health / Medical, Women's Issues
Medical Specialties
General, Pediatric (kids)
None listed

La Asociacion Nuestros Ahijados' Atkinson Family Clinic provides affordable healthcare to children and families associated with ANA and its many programs. The Clinic also serves walk-in patients from nearby communities and places even further away. Many patients travel several hours by bus seeking the free, quality care available at the Clinic. Clinic staff serve as many of these patients as possible. Patients must prove they are of limited economic means through a short questionnaire. All are asked to make whatever small donation they can afford in return for Clinic services. These donations go towards Clinic operations.

The Clinic’s full-time doctor, 2 nurses, receptionist, and temporary volunteers serve the general family practice needs of about 30 patients each day. More serious or specialized conditions (including pregnancies) are referred to the National Hospital in San Felipe or other area health facilities. Teams of foreign doctors, nurses, and medical students visit throughout the year to assist with in-house check-ups and field clinics. In the past, field clinics in villages throughout Guatemala’s central highlands region have focused on topics including HIV/AIDS prevention, nutrition, and the importance of pre-natal care.

Much of the equipment, supplies, and medicines used by Clinic staff are donated by GOD’S CHILD Project supporters in the United States or by former volunteers worldwide. Other donations come from ANA’s long-time relationships with international relief organizations including Direct Relief and CARITAS. ANA shares excess donations of specific medicines and supplies with other area clinics and NGOs on provision that they give, not sell, these medicines to patients. ANA purchases medicines and supplies that it cannot obtain through donations.

Medical professionals interested in volunteering should email We are particularly interested in Spanish-speaking volunteers.

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