Primeros Pasos

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Permanent Medical Clinic
November 19, 2010 - 2:32pm
Xela + Western Highlands
Lisa Ann Convery
+502 4571 5933
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Education / Schools, Health / Medical, Women's Issues
Medical Specialties
General, Pediatric (kids), Dental / Oral, Gynecology (female)
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Primeros Pasos is a non-profit, independent organization that offers quality and affordable health care and health education to the underserved communities of the Palajunoj Valley of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. With the collaboration of health professionals, health educators, volunteers, and community leaders, Primeros Pasos strives to improve access to basic medical services. Primeros Pasos has developed a variety of programs to better serve its communities.

The Healthy Schools Program works with local schools to provide medical care and in-clinic health education classes. Primeros Pasos provides care and in-clinic classes to over 3600 students annually.

The Children’s Health Education Program provides classes to students (K-6) to encourage life-long healthy living and healthy habits. Health educators visit local schools to provide one-hour workshops on topics including alcohol and drug addiction, hygiene, nutrition, and puberty and sexual education. Annually, Primeros Pasos provides over 500 workshops.

Additionally, the Adult (Women’s) Health Education Program is designed to promote healthy living and educate and empower adult participants. Monthly workshop topics include basic health care and nutrition, diabetes, menopause, natural medicine, and self-esteem.

Primeros Pasos offers volunteer positions for medical or dental professionals, children's health educators, laboratory technicians, and administrators/fundraisers. As a volunteer for Primeros Pasos, you will work hard and learn more. You will work in a challenging and cooperative environment and interact with medical professionals and volunteers from around the world.

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