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Permanent Clinic


General, Pediatric (kids), Optometry (eye), Gynecology (female), Dermatology (skin), Physical Therapy
General, Opthamology (eye), Gynecology (female), Plastic (burns, lips)
Permanent Clinic

Centro de Salud

Location: Panajachel, Solola
Lake Atitlan + Chimaltenango
Traditional Chinese Medicine will be provided. Including: acupuncture, therapeutic massage herbs Treatment time is usually less than an hour. Recommended for Diabetes...
General, Pediatric (kids)
None listed
Acupuncture, ear acupuncture, NADA Protocol, Boccino Protocol , Campo de Bataila
The integrative health project
Permanent Clinic

Centro de Salud Integral Longevidad Medical

Location: San Marcos, San Marcos
Xela + Western Highlands
Servicios de salud para personas de la tercera edad, primera clinica geriatrica en la region
General, Physical Therapy
None listed

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