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Charitable Organization
, Guatemala
January 6, 2018 - 8:10pm
All of Guatemala
Mario Gonzalez
502 - 2235-1614
502 - 4855-7744
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Education / Schools, Environmental / Animal, Health / Medical, Women's Issues, Construction / Housing

In 2009 Guatemala had a total population of 14,026,947 people whereas 50% was referred to as the rural population that lives under poorer circumstances in the outback (PovertyPortalRural, 2009). According to Nation Master Statistics lived 56.2% (NationMaster, 2004) of Guatemala’s population under the poverty line in 2004. This is an alarming outcome and speaks for itself. Furthermore, it needs to be taken into consideration that Guatemala, with an average of 5 children per woman, is the country with the highest fertile rate in entire South America (NationsEncyclopedia) which means that besides the extreme poverty, parents have to supply and care for a big family which is underlining the problematic situation of poverty that more than a half of Guatemala’s population is facing.

To the above mentioned circumstances that are applicable for more than 50% of Guatemala’s population ads up the poor health and educational system under which the majority has to suffer. It is common that in rural areas there is no or hardly any access to medical care. This means people have to travel long distances in order to receive the medical attention they need or simply abstain from it. Travelling at the same time implies being absent from work and spending money for the incurring costs.
Accion Humana’s mission is to provide enduring programs of practical, social, cultural, medical and spiritual value to the people in the developing world through a system of partnership and mutual responsibility.

Accion Humana started its programs in differents villages of Guatemala. In respect to communities, AH strives for permanent change through its programs which promote mutual respect, responsibility and partnership within the local infrastructure based on the inherent value of the individual. This integrated approach helps ensure cohesiveness in cultural, spiritual and economic affairs within the community. Ultimately, AH believes that individuals, institutions, government and the private sector working together, can and must, help create prosperity and stability based on the market principles of individual responsibility and a free opportunity.

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