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Charitable Organization
Rio Dulce
, Izabal
October 11, 2013 - 11:32am
Izabal + Southeast
Amparo Gil
502 57641119
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Education / Schools, Health / Medical

ASOCIACIÓN RESCATE was created by the initiative of a group of friends, who decided to establish an organization which would have as its main objective the promotion of community development programs in Guatemala. ASOCIACIÓN RESCATE is a legally recognized organization, approved by government Decree No. 920-89, published in the Official Gazette El Guatemalteco, on January 18, 1990. Asociación Rescate is non-profit, private, civil, apolitical, and without religious preferences.

ASOCIACION RESCATE is administered by a Board of Directors, integrated by volunteers who work in a coordinated manner, through their field personnel, both remunerated and volunteer, and with the different organized village committees that are recognized by their municipal government, Asociación Rescate attends more than 15 villages and 3,000 people yearly along the Río Dulce area in Guatemala

Asociación Rescate, with the purpose of facilitating the presentation of projects on behalf of the village committees, and expediting their participation in community development, provides the necessary training and counseling as part of its educational projection. In this manner, the village committees are able to draw up and present small projects to obtain financing through Asociación Rescate or other organizations

• Construction and equipping of the dental clinic with three operatories, air and suction.
• Construction y equipping of the school in the village of Puntarenas.
• Obtaining the financing and coordinating the construction of the pier and walkway into the village of Puntarenas
• Promoting the construction of dry latrines, coordinating the acquisition of the materials through the municipal government, coordinating the transportation of these materials to the four remote villages and following through the program until its conclusion.
• Promoting and financing the construction of large water well and reservoir for the village of Puntarenas.
• The installation of “piped water” to the sinks placed close by the latrines in the school of Puntarenas so the kids can wash their hands after using the facilities...
• The installation of “Maya type” hand water pumps to facilitate the pumping of the water from shallow wells dug in strategic places in and around the villages.
• Installation of a gasoline motor driven water pump for the school of Puntarenas.

On going projects
• The operation of our dental clinic local and international volunteer dentists on a monthly basis on which we focus the attention to preventive dental care to children and alleviating pain and discomfort to adults.
• Puntarenas School Program, grades pre kinder, kindergarten,1 through 6.
• Scholarship program in schools away from this community.
• On going programs for preventive health through the cooperation of the individual village health promoters
• On going program for promoting first aid techniques.

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felicito al personal de la asociacion rescate porque ha hecho mucho trabajo en beneficio a de las comunidades de puerto barrios y exitos en el 2013.

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