Cambio Spanish School

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Charitable Organization
Antigua Guatemala
, Sacatepéquez
March 26, 2013 - 11:50am
Sam Datlof
+502 7832 8033
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Education / Schools, NGO Assistance / Fund

Cambio Spanish School is a 100% nonprofit Spanish school that donates all of its profit to the NGO Niños de Guatemala. Cambio is trying to shift Niños de Guatemala's fundraising model in a more sustainable direction, using entrepreneurship to complement donations. Niños de Guatemala is an education nonprofit that builds and operates schools in impoverished parts of Guatemala near Antigua, allowing children access to a quality education who otherwise would have gone without. They also run a variety of programs that engage the wider community, including parenting workshops, nutrition and health classes, and medical and dental clinics.

Cambio Spanish School offers one-on-one Spanish instruction with experienced teachers to tourists, volunteers, and foreign residents in Antigua Guatemala. It also provides homestays, school-wide activities, and transportation to many destinations throughout Guatemala. Where Cambio's model radically departs from most other Spanish schools is that, at the end of each year, it donates all of its earnings back to the development of Guatemala through Niños de Guatemala.

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