Common Hope

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Charitable Organization
, Sacatepequez
May 25, 2016 - 6:42pm
Antigua, Guatemala City
More than 20
Education / Schools, Health / Medical, Construction / Housing

Common Hope promotes hope and opportunity in Guatemala, partnering with children, families, and communities who want to participate in a process of development to improve their lives through education, health care, and housing.

What we do
The families who walk through Common Hope’s doors often live in one-room houses made of cornstalk and scrap metal, with little or no access to education, medical care, clean water, or jobs with livable wages. These families have the ability and desire to improve their lives if given the chance. We simply provide the opportunities and tools for them to do so.

The heart of our work: Education
At Common Hope we believe that education is the key to unwinding the cycle of poverty, so we provide the necessary resources for thousands of impoverished children to attend school each year. We understand, however, that education is about more than books and uniforms – a child’s success in school depends on the quality of the education he or she receives. For this reason, we partner with local schools to support and enhance the education they provide. We help teachers implement more interactive, engaging curriculum, and we foster more individualized support for students at-risk of dropping out of school.

A 360° approach: Nurturing students at home
A child’s success in school also depends on his or her family’s health, safety, and stability. If 11-year-old Ana is distracted by hunger pains, or if she needs to leave school to pick coffee to pay for her mother’s medical bills, she is not going to reach her full potential. For this reason, we also provide integrated services in health care, housing, and family development to provide the stability children need to succeed.

Common Hope was established by Dave and Betty Huebsch in 1986. Today, Common Hope serves more than 8,000 impoverished children and families in 17 communities outside of Antigua and Guatemala City.

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Commentaries / Experiences


Hola!!!! Familias de Esperanza,Gracias por ayudarme mucho,en mi etapa de becada,como Trabajadora,segui mi sueño,ahora soy Medico!!Dios siga bendiciendo sus vidas!!


Hello My name is Juanita. I am from Chel, Chajul, Quiche, Guatemala. I know where you are in Antigua Guatemala. I lived in your house in August to september for my internship I did in 2008. I wanted to do my internship with you by that time, but unfortulately there was no place for me. I have read your page, because I am still very interested in the services that you promote in your organization. I have read the page again and again, and I really understand every single word. Thanks a lot for helping and serving God is these ways. One day I was one of those children who have the willing to be different in the world through education, and it is not easy to find a way to walk on, when your parents are not able to help you. But I worked really hard, hard, and hard to have money and study at the same time. That hard work that I did those darkness day, is allowing me now to be a succeed young woman. Now i am here studying business management in Northcentral Technicall College, Wausau, Wisconsin USA, for a scholarship that I got in 2011. I will be back pretty soon in Guatemala and my heart is crying out to imagine my people and specially those children who are in the place that some day I was in. My humble questions is: Are there an opportunity to others departments or just Antigua Guatemala??????? THANKS A LOT FOR TAKING YOUR TIME READY THIS MESSAGE. MAY YOUR DAY BE BLESSED AND FILLED FOR HAPINESS!!!


me gustaria trabajar con ustedes tengo mucha necesidad pero tambien me gusta ayudar est es mi numero telefonico 53498864 por favor apoyenme con un trabajo gracias soy bachiller tengo dos semestres en ingenieria y estoy dispuesta a trabajar duro gracias


Hola buen día soy una chica de 16 años que busco quien pueda ayudarmecon mis estudios ya que por motivos económicos mi mama ya no puede ayudarme y llevo la carrera de perito en administración de empresas y no he podido tampoco encontrar trabajo para ayudarle a seguir con mi estudio. Por favor si pudieran ayudarme .gracias.


creo que ustedes se enfocan en todas estas familias y esta bien pero tambien deben de recordar que en el nivel medio tambien existen familias que suelen tener necesidades de que alguna organizacion les brinde un poquito de ayuda


creo que ustedes se enfocan en todas estas familias y esta bien pero tambien deben de recordar que en el nivel medio tambien existen familias que suelen tener necesidades de que alguna organizacion les brinde un poquito de ayuda


Necesito ayuda ya que tenemos 15 días para desocupar dónde vivimos y no tenemos ni para ir a alquilar a otro lado no tenemos a donde ir estamos pasando por momentos muy difíciles gracia bendiciones y

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