corrugated sheet laminator

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corrugated sheet laminator
December 27, 2017 - 11:37pm
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FMB-G series flute
1. Heightened top sheet feeder enable bottom sheet loading without production stop.
2. Turn-up bridge plate is convenient for cleaning, water-circulating system ensures washing clean.
3. Automatic feeding for bottom sheet, manual feeding for top sheet (feeding from side for top sheet is optional).
4. Flexible front register, bottom sheet is not exceeding the top sheet, and it's adjustable for the front-and-rear between bottom sheet and top sheet.
5. Bottom sheet can be paperboard more than 350gsm, A/B/C/D/E/F cardboard.
6. Intelligent control and compacted energy-saving and controlling play from the stack of paper.
7. Using high-precision plastic block device, save glue.
8. Side feeding is optional for top sheet.
※Optional: PLC control, compression part, elevatable platform for top sheet.
Model FMB-1300-G FMB-1450-G FMB-1650-G
Max. Sheet size 1300x1100mm 1450x1100mm 1650x1300mm
Min. Sheet size 350x400mm 350x400mm 350x400mm
Power consumption 9kw 9kw 12kw
Speed 0-108m/min 0-108m/min 0-90m/min
Weight 3.1t 3.5t 5.3t
Overall Dimensions 9000x1950x1900mm 9000x2150x1900mm 9200x2500x1900mm
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